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11-14-2012, 12:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
No, you participate in something as a member. A strike action is directed at employers.

A lockout is directed at employees by employers.

To paint it as equivalent, which is your implication is what ignores not only context, but the actual meaning of the words.
That's great, but let's take a look at the post that started this:

Originally Posted by Mystlyfe View Post
It doesn't take an MBA to look back at the three work stoppages you participated in during your career and say, "Man, I wish we did things differently."
It certainly seems like I used the words "work stoppage," and not "strike" or "lockout." And Recchi certainly has participated in three work stoppages, as he has stopped working in the NHL due to labor disputes at three points in his career.

Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Sure! Let's!

The NHL hired a man with a history of locking out players, the only man to lose an entire professional league season, who also came from the very firm that seems to have made a name for itself in managing lockouts.
And what part of that clears the players from having any participation in the events leading up to this lockout? I'm not arguing that the owner's aren't at fault, but rather that the players are also at fault. Since the guilt of one party doesn't preclude another party from also being guilty, your statement does nothing to counter my point.

Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
This is his third lockout if you're keeping track.
And Don Fehr's sixth work stoppage.

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