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11-14-2012, 12:56 AM
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Ball Hockey, Shooting with Longer Stick

Hey everyone, I haven't been on here in a while. I finished playing Inline a few months back as the starting goaltender, thankfully we won the championship. Now I'm going back to playing as a forward. I've had a lot of threads before about shooting and stick length, but now I'm running into some issues.

I'm 5ft 6", and I play with a stick around collar bone height in Ball Hockey. (No ice hockey right now). My stick handling is great, and my shot release is pretty fast for wrist and snap shots. The accuracy isn't bad either. However, the group I'm playing with has known me to play with a very long stick, between nose and eyebrow height, which I could dangle, poke check, and grind my way to the net with. Many of the players think I should go back to that stick height because my game has dropped big time since my last play. Most of the guys are 5ft 11" - 6ft+ so I find it hard to get around most guys or poke check. Getting passes are hit or miss depending on if the guy passes it directly to me or not, and isn't wide. Now I cannot take slap shots anymore, I tried after a long break last week and both shoulders flared up for four days!

I'm looking to find a better way to shoot with a longer stick because I usually have to drag the ball across my body with my lower hand roughly half way down the shaft to shoot due to stick length, but the power isn't really there anymore. My slap shots are very fast, but again I cannot use this shot anymore. If I do the old school wrist shot with a sweeping motion, I rarely have time to get the shot off before someone is blocking the shot, or right under my stick.

Any suggestions?

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