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Originally Posted by PG Canuck View Post
Why is Subban a clown?
His cocky attitude, the guy has had multiple fights with teammates. And i wouldn't doubt if many others on his team have wanted to, most men steer clear of fighting. The ones that fought him are only the ones that do fight.

Listening to him talk, you can see why sometimes. Hes your typical loudmouthed arrogant little *****.

Though i wouldn't be against him on our team, he's not a big cancer or anything, just somebody that i can see getting under peoples skin quite often and maybe not fit in quite well. Not every player needs to fit in to win.

Could definitely see him maybe clashing with the likes of the clique that is bieksa/kesler/burrows who kinda grew together

Mitchell had issues with Raymond and Kesler and he wasn't kept, i wonder if he had never had any issues with anyone ever, if the GM would have given him another chance after the concussion

i think coaches/gms like a group that fits together nicely, especially ours. maybe why they continue to give raymond chances. personality things we dont see behind closed doors (how well they get along with teammates/coaches)

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