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11-14-2012, 01:34 AM
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I picked up a Reebok Ai9 85flex from a teammate today when subbing for a 3v3 game on a mini rink. It was free so I didnt have curve choice. Turns out it is a Crosby curve which I wasn't familiar with and couldn't quite decide what I thought it looked like. I know it is listed as an open heel curve, but I also have heard it referred to as looking like a Sakic. The stick itself was uncut and an inch longer than what I have been used to as of late.

I missed warm-ups so it took about 5-10 mins before I got used to the extra length. I have been using a P88 curve (mid/mid-heel closed) and have been getting an itch to try something more open so the new curve was easy to adjust to. Once calibrated, I am a big fan of the stick. Depending on how the durability pans out, I may make a switch from Bauer to Reebok because I liked it so much.

Puck feel is pretty important to me because I like to do a lot of puck moving from the backend. This stick had feel similar to the TO in the ceramic-like sense. I also liked the overal feel of the shaft coming from the tac-spiral. I also really enjoyed the way the stick loaded. I didn't take any slap shots today, but snappers and wristers loaded with ease. I have dropped down in flex to try lower flexes and it didn't load easier in the sense the flex was softer, it just loaded easier. Stick handling and passing still felt like the stick was an 85 if not stiffer. In other words, the stick played stiffer and shot softer.

After all was said and done, I am a big fan of this stick so far. The curve actually reminds me of the Lidstrom/ P02 (heel, square toe), but with a round toe. Both blades are a mid-heel with a hint of toe and slightly open to open. I had previously used the Lidstrom/P02 curve, and really liked it minus the square toe.

Durability pending, I am definitely looking at sticking with Reebok and this model after it breaks.

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