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11-14-2012, 02:01 AM
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I like them a lot on my team in pickup and more dislike than like on my team for beer league games, but in either case, only if they are clearly trying/working hard and they are more often than not making a smart or simple play.

In pickup, it makes it more fun to get a goal when it is a team goal from a little cycle or a nice play or hustle to a puck and then being in a good spot for a pass to get a goal. I know they like it and I like being part of the setup more than I like scoring an individual goal.

In beer league, I don't mind it so much if the work ethic is there. Back check hard, play you zones/lanes. Stand in front of the net or get into good pockets of space in the offensive zone to score goals, etc. On the other hand, it is frustrating when plays that should be made or consistently are made at that level are not at a consistent rate because of a lower skill level.

For me, it just boils down to trying hard, trying to think the game (even asking questions about plays is a really good indication of where your head is at), and not trying over and over to make plays that clearly you should not be trying to make. That's not to say not to try something, but be smart enough to know when to stop trying something. Have fun with it but be smart.

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