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11-14-2012, 02:23 AM
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Originally Posted by KpopandHockey View Post
Anyone here done long commutes before for work?

I may be getting a job that would require me to commute 1hr10m from where I am now and I don't particularly want to leave where I am. Is it feasible or would I get too depressed doing it?

I'd be leaving my home around 5:45-6:00am, and leaving work at 4:00pm.
I'm currently doing an hour and a half of commute. But that's mostly because freeways in LA are ****** beyond belief during rush hour. It's not too bad if you have something to do during the ride. I usually listen to a podcast which for the most part covers a one way trip. That or XM radio. XM radio is a godsend for long commutes.

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