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11-14-2012, 02:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
Belfour better than Tony O, huh? I do believe Belfour (and Esposito) are undersold here, as I've stated...I'd be curious to hear others' thoughts on this Belfour > Esposito stance as tricky to compare, Belfour is so out of sorts era-wise here...
I'm also in favor of Belfour over Esposito, and I think it's definitely too early for both this round. Some things to consider...

Belfour had to regularly compete with 2-3 of prime Roy, Hasek, Brodeur, and Barrasso for awards.

Esposito had 1-2 elite goaltenders not playing in the NHL (Tretiak and Holecek) and others playing in the WHA (i.e. Cheevers) to boost his awards finishes and to decrease league average SV%.


Belfour pretty clearly has the better resume here. A Conn Smythe level performance in '99. In 2 years he would face Roy twice and Hasek and Brodeur once in the playoffs and only lost one of those series...nitpicking can be done about the strength of the team in the case of Hasek, but he proved he could go up against the best and win. Did Esposito ever do something like this? Not that I can recall. In Esposito's defense, he does appear to be a little more consistent in the playoffs...he beat who he was suppose to beat, but doesn't look like he ever really stole anything or was the difference in a close matchup, which is a pretty big issue for me.

As someone else said, regular season appears to be close, but the playoffs make Belfour the easy choice for me.

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