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11-14-2012, 04:26 AM
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If the players are bargaining on principle. I have no problem with that, but if they are bargaining to get the most dollars it doesn't make a whole lot sense to prolong this, not that they are solely to blame. The money lost from missed games will far outweigh any concessions that come their way.

I'm sure if I was a borderline player with what would most likely amount to a short career compared to the star players I would want to get back to work. Most of the concessions would have little or no impact on me. My problem with the PA is that they only seem to protect the interests of the top membership.

If they think they will miss 30-40 games and be paid in full for the season then I think they are out to lunch.

For fugu and the other pro-player advocates. What are the players fighting for and what do they expect to achieve? Isn't this battle about dollars in their pocket? If not, it would seem pretty emotional based to continue to kick the tires down the road. The best way for them to get more money is to have the puck dropped. I understand the owners position, although, I don't agree with it entirely, but I have trouble understanding the players.

The money is always there like Recchi says. The more days that pass the less that's likely to be.

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