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Originally Posted by FiLe View Post
Lindell might make it, true. I just didn't think he was all that impressive here. And he's been making some rookie mistakes in those Jokerit games I've seen as well, but some of those might be overly emphasized because of natural comparisons to Lindbohm, who's looked more mature. Maybe they shouldn't be compared, given how Lindbohm is a solid DD and Lindell more of an OD type of guy... but we don't have too many slots for the latter left, so what we really need is someone who's a good utility player. Parkkonen somehow just seemed to meet that requirement better, but I've got no issue with Lindell either. He seems to have the size edge, I give him that.

In any case, we have plenty of interchangeable talent in the lower echelons (Lindell, Tikkinen, Parkkonen, Riikola... etc) who should all do what is asked of them. Whichever ones of them end up making the cut over those that don't shouldn't cause a lot hubbub.

You're definitely belittling Vainio. He's now a fixture for top-4 in HPK which should make him more than capable of handling same duties at WJC. While still not facing the ultimate top opposition, he still gave one of the more solid showings in both ends. Sort of reminded me of Konsta Mäkinen from last year, who looked like some random Mestis pick by Raipe, but ended up being the go-to-guy after that Määttä injury.

Vainonen might not make it, agreed. But all of the DD talent apart from Lindbohm have been so-so at best so I've sort of resorted to dragging him along, given how he's been a fixture in U18 teams. But if Auvinen, Valkonen or someone of that ilk ends up getting that ticket in the end, I won't be throwing any temper tantrums.
My view is that Määttä and Ristolainen are the top D’s. Next echelon consists of Pokka, Lindbohm and Lindell, they all bring something to the table that the next group of guys can’t match. Therefore I see them as an irreplaceable part of the team. It won’t make a huge difference who the two remaining D’s are, talent in the 3rd echelon is interchangeable to some degree, I can agree on that.

HPK has had some roster problems, so Vainio has probably been more of a makeshift solution than anything else. He could very well make the WJC team, I’m just not expecting him to have much of an impact at that level. In my opinion he’s rather average in every aspect of the game.

Would be nice to know what Rindell thinks about Vainonen and whether there’s any chance that he sends him an invite to the last camp before the WJC’s. Joonas Valkonen has been better than “so-so at best” this season.

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