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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
You are overall correct about age 27, but there is a dividing line to which Fugu has directed you. I am aware of the research that you are citing. I have also gone over the numbers personally which supports Fugu's and my position. Defensemen peak later, forwards earlier, goalies later. A team isn't doing itself many favors by grabbing a 27 year old forward as a headliner. He is good for attendance, but performance is very, very rare.
The numbers do not support your position. All players on average hit their prime around 27 and have it last around 5 years. It's a physical thing. It just takes longer for some positions to translate that to the NHL.

As for this "lack of performance" after 27, it is just flat out not true anyway and the facts do not support you. 11 of the players in the top-20 in scoring last season were 27 or older. 3 more of those remaining 9 would be UFA eligible July 1st (one other was a defenseman). The average age of the top-20 is over 28.4, even after the youth movement after the lockout.

In fact, just took a quick glance at 21-30 in scoring. 9 of those 10 were over UFA age, with multiple in their 30s..

Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
I am also aware of research on males in general that would indicate that reaction times start declining for males after age 18. It isn't extremely noticeable until into the 30s. Males generally don't hit their strength peak until well into their 20s. I was very skeptical of the initial research on hockey players because of this other info. And I also recognize that part of the issue is the learning curve that goes along with the game.
I have never seen anything on reaction time decline being that young. Would like some sources.

Even though if it's not noticeable until well into the 30s, it doesn't really matter, does it.

Strength peaking at the start of your prime makes perfect sense.
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There have been max contracts handed out. Iginla got one, I am not sure about others. Others have received max numbers for some of the years on circumvention type contracts.
Is this true? Individual year salaries don't count.

Well, at any rate, the max contract wouldn't drop lower than any possible contract that will be signed, so it is still irrelevant.

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