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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
I understand your viewpoint. Here are my thoughts:

- Y2K's opinion is hinged on Gardiner being returned. I don't think that is realistic, not if we expect a 1st rndr to come along with.

- Kadri, for all the bashing he gets, is still considered TO's top prospect. Replacing Percy with him increases the worth of the package, just based on perception alone. Although LiferLeafer and I agreed Kadri + Colborne + 1st would be fair, I just don't see Frattin being thrown into that as pure supplement, not with Kadri there instead of Percy. Not to mention, there are some that don't even value Kadri highly at all. So the opinions on his worth are polarized.

- As to TO's prospects, I like Percy. He plays a smart and patient game, and he can move the puck up the ice. There isn't a lot of offensive upside, but I like him just the same. Colborne is a complete wildcard to me. I can't figure out if he will fail utterly, or secure a 2nd line spot moving forward. High quality passer. That's one thing he does have going for him... But in the end, a project.

That package is just what I think VAN and TO will settle on. Gardiner and Kadri, the core building blocks for the Leafs stay in house. Colborne would have to unseat Bozak -- which I don't think happens this year. And Frattin is replaced by Ashton. Really, I don't think the Canucks will do much better.
If thats the case, find a new trade partner, though I do really think this team needs a top 10 pick next year. So if other teams can't give us something I am REALLY interested in, or a top 10 pick, then it might have to be toronto.

So youre saying they dont move kadri, reilly or gardiner but want a top goaltender in luongo. hmm sounds like Burke wants to lose his job

but yeah like i said, if i was a gm and other offers weren't great, i'd probably accept less to get that top 10 pick. but with how our d is shaping up, we're going to have edler on the trade block possibly. so i think my opinion would kind of change depending on what he has in mind for that or if he thinks that is even a possibility (he may come out and say edler is staying put)... but hard to imagine considering all our top D's are left side. hah

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