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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Ok, after thinking on this some more, I'd like to share my latest thoughts on a TO trade:

I'm guessing 4 Pieces come back from TO, and two pieces are going there. Part of this is derived from the fact that Gardiner will _not_ be available, and partly due to what Gillis will be looking for. So here's what I think the trade will be (not what I want it to be, but what I think is going to happen):

TO pieces:

- The 1st rounder (Unprotected): This is the main asset. When Gillis moves off Gardiner, and he will, he will leave no room to relinquish the 1st. One piece goes, not both.

- Matt Frattin: Just seems like a natural fit (as a "now" player) for this team and leaves TO with Kulemin, the far better player. They also have Ashton coming up to challenge for the same spot. Not a huge fan, but as the 4th piece, fine.

- Joe Colborne: The hope of getting a Bjugstad-like player has Colborne as a prime target IMO. Gillis wants this type of player. JC may fail miserably here, but what he _could_ represent is too enticing to pass up for Gillis. And he adds value to the deal for Burke. This also eliminates Bozak IMO, as they both would be challenging for that 3C position this year (along with Schroeder). Which also works for TO. They move a superfluous piece without changing their 1C position.

- Stuart Percy: Long-term right-shot D depth. Note, it has to be long-term. Right now, the D (NHL roster) has depth. Likewise, the AHL has Connauten and Sauve challenging for spots very soon. And so, Gillis won't want to be pushed into changing the "graduation rate" by getting a prospect closer to making it. He can afford to wait. It's why I think this eliminates Blacker and/or Holzer for me. Essentially, Percy is the positional "replacement" for Gardiner IMO. Edit: I really like this player, despite the low offensive upside, and I hope Gillis does too.

VAN pieces:

- Luongo: The man, the legend, the saviour of TO.

- Kellen Tochkin - Simply there to move a contract. Since Percy does not yet count against TO's contract limit, Tochkin evens up the two coming in with two going out. Edit: Could be Sauve too, just to add more value going back.

Summary: There you have it. TO keeps their best prospect (Kadri), their 1C (Bozak) and their current top6 RW (Kulemin). While they move secondary and tertiary pieces. The only affect on their current roster is Frattin. For VAN, Colborne and Frattin are the "now" pieces of the deal, while they can afford to wait on the future assets.


So it would be 1st Frattin Colbourne and Percy


Luongo Tochkin and Sauve?
I don't like giving Percy....but i probably do this.

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