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Originally Posted by LEAFS FAN 4 EVER
Is your reason for saying that because Toronto hasn't made the Playoffs since 2004?
Not at all.

I've never mentioned the Leafs' current streak of ineptitude in this entire thread, but your comment surely supports the concept that it's "all Leafs, all the time" in Toronto when it comes to hockey.

You can't even read my posts without seeing "Leafs" in there somewhere.

Originally Posted by chrisx
Its because Ottawa is a dull city and people need to entertain themselves I swear worst city ive ever visited (sorry im not exaggerating though, even went during winterlude and it was dull)
So you agree that Ottawa is a hockey town and Toronto isn't.

Originally Posted by chrisx
Best part is the GTA still manages to keep 2 OHL teams afloat, 1 folds (that was in direct competition to another within WALKING distance) and suddenly Toronto (not the GTA in general), or more specifically Leaf fans, arent "real hockey fans".
I never said anything about Leaf fans or the Leafs in general. Re-read my posts.

Toronto, considering its size, does not support hockey to the same degree as most other major Canadian cities.

That's all I've said. I also said that I'm sure there are many reasons, but that this doesn't change the underlying fact.

Originally Posted by chrisx
Not to mention, its small and theres no traffic so people have a mode of transportation to get to the outskirts (Just think Downtown Toronto to Brampton is about 2 times the drive from Ottawa to Kanata), and doing 40 kms by public transportation is no easy task.
No traffic? Speaking of ignorance.

The biggest thing that the Senators have going against them is the location of their arena.

It's at the extreme Western edge of the city, meaning that everyone has to go West to get there, on a 3/2 lane highway.

But I'm glad to finally see sympathy from a Leaf fan on how commutes can have an impact on attendance.

It's 26 km from downtown to the arena, but when I lived in Orleans, it was 38.3 km.

The Sens haven't folded yet though.

Originally Posted by lilou
These sen fans are something else. It's all good when you're piling on TO for supposedly being the worst hockey market in the world but you can't take it in return? When your owner pulls a full page ad in the paper, holds a press conference, and begs fans to come to Sens games or the team. Says something about your fanbase. Wasn't that long ago that this happened. Ottawa is not a hockey town, period.
What's funny is that in 2007-2008, Ottawa outdrew the Leafs.

3 Ottawa 41 812,665 19,821 107.1
5 Toronto 41 796,803 19,434 103.4

Even last season (2011-2012):

5 Toronto 41 799,786 19,506 103.7 41
6 Ottawa 41 793,612 19,356 101.1 41

OMG! It must be all those Leaf fans coming to ALL of our home games.

At the same time, Ottawa is also supporting two junior teams. And that's with 1/5 or 1/6 of the population.

But you guys keep believing whatever it is they tell you in that media bubble known as the GTA.

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