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Originally Posted by JMiller View Post
Top 10 player salaries the year before the last CBA and the top 10 Salaries this year.

$11,000,000.00Forsberg, Peter
$11,000,000.00Jagr, Jaromir
$11,000,000.00Fedorov, Sergei
$11,000,000.00Bure, Pavel
$10,000,000.00Lidstrom, Nicklas
$10,000,000.00 Tkachuk, Keith
$9,880,939.00 Sakic, Joe
$9,500,000.00 Pronger, Chris
$9,326,519.00Blake, Robert
$9,000,000.00LeClair, John

$14,000,000 Weber, Shea
$12,000,000Richards, Brad
$12,000,000Myers, Tyler
$12,000,000Parise, Zach
$12,000,000Suter, Ryan
$11,000,000 Kovalchuk, Ilya
$10,000,000 Lecavalier, Vincent
$9,000,000 Malkin, Evgeni
$9,000,000 Ovechkin, Alex
$8,500,000 Staal, Eric

During the years in between league revenue grew by about 50% (from 2.1 to 3.3 billion) and Bettman's salary grew from 3.7 mil to 8.
So you're showing that the past CBA, and more specifically the salary cap that was implemented didn't do at all what it was intended to do? I agree completely, which is why we're again going through CBA negotiations well into what should be an NHL season.

In a world with no cap structure (your 2004 example) players salaries will continuously inflate. That was the problem then. The reason they inflate? Simple really, the best players make the most money, and as their contracts end or other players prove to be better, they will get more money. So on and so on. If you took the top salaries from the year 2000 they are significantly lower:

Jagr, Jaromir PIT RW $10,359,852.00 US
Kariya, Paul ANA LW $10,000,000.00 US
Forsberg, Peter COL C $9,000,000.00 US
Fleury, Theoren NYR RW $8,500,000.00 US
Lindros, Eric PHI C $8,500,000.00 US
Bure, Pavel FLA RW $8,000,000.00 US
Roy, Patrick COL G $7,500,000.00 US
Hasek, Dominik BUF G $7,000,000.00 US
Sundin, Mats TOR C $7,000,000.00 US
Leetch, Brian NYR D $6,680,000.00 US

Proving what? Salary inflation in a non cap NHL. Go back another 5 years and the change is ridiculous. This is one of the main reasons there was a lockout in the first place.

But then, look at salaries the year after the lockout:
1 Jagr Jaromir RW New York Rangers $8,360,000.00
2 Yashin Alexei C New York Islanders $7,600,000.00
3 Lidstrom Nicklas D Detroit Red Wings $7,600,000.00
4 Tkachuk Keith LW St. Louis Blues $7,600,000.00
5 Iginla Jarome RW Calgary Flames $7,000,000.00
6 Sundin Mats C Toronto Maple Leafs $6,840,000.00
7 Khabibulin Nikolai G Chicago Blackhawks $6,750,000.00
8 Niedermayer Scott D Anaheim Mighty Ducks $6,750,000.00
9 Guerin Bill RW Dallas Stars $6,738,498.00
10 Sakic Joe C Colorado Avalanche $6,664,797.00

Significantly lower, much more reasonable. All teams could afford their payroll. There was parity, and a level playing field for all. Proving what? At first, when revenues were down the lockout and cap accomplished what the owners wanted.

Again, where current player salaries have gone since the institution of the cap IS the problem. Many teams can no longer afford to pay their players. That's an issue, unless you aren't concerned about league health. At first tying the salary cap to revenues made sense because revenues were down. They've steadily increased to the point where there is literally no difference (as you've shown) to what was being spent pre 2004 lockout. And it continues to get worse. That's not a healthy market most teams can survive in.

Now that doesn't make a lick of difference to the big market teams who are pulling in the coin. It does however make a difference to the smaller market teams who aren't.

So whats the answer? A hard, reasonable cap imo. Problem is, it will never be agreed upon by the PA because the players feel entitled to make more money as the NHL (as a whole) makes more money even though that makes it impossible for smaller market teams, and areas where they're trying to grow the sport to thrive. Personally, I think the best players making 10mill per year is more then fair to the players regardless of the revenue the NHL is bringing in. Hell, I think making 7 million a year is a fantastic yearly salary. The fact that the PA is arguing otherwise is in my opinion, absolutely ludicrous. I don't care if NHL owners get richer, or if Gary Bettman draws a salary 2/3rds of what the best NHL players get. I have a hard time thinking that being a 22 year old defenseman for the Buffalo Sabres is a harder job, and therefore worth more in salary then it is to run the entire league. Bettman needs a better agent.

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