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11-14-2012, 07:31 AM
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Originally Posted by pseudonymous01 View Post
Yeah but in what i proposed, thats 3 first round picks (#7, #16, #25). I think that makes up for there not being a top 10 pick.

I don't think any of those players makes up for a 1st rounder. Top 10 or otherwise. The 1st is currency. It may be used, or may be dealt at the deadline to get something more important.

Basically, I hope Gillis doesn't do a deal with TO without getting that 1st back. Bottom line.

But yeah none of those players are sure bets and as a GM, you do not want to get rid of Luongo unless one is a pretty sure bet and less likely a top 10 pick doesn't make it to be a pretty impact player

But between those 3 prospects, hard to imagine 2 of the 3 dont make it and become pretty good nhl players. plus to be honest, im not 100 percent confident in the canucks drafting abilities.

I can say one thing for sure, I definitely dont want Frattin over kadri. and im not even super high on kadri. as you know, i just dont think theres a spot for him yet

I'm not confident in the drafting either, which is why I view that pick as currency, as explained above.

I want Kadri over Frattin too. But he would get killed here under AV. Not to mention that Burke will regard his value as a top prospect. So either he gets thrown in and unsettles the over all value in the package, or he is left out and Gillis can bring in a good D prospect along with Frattin... It all comes down to how highly Kadri is viewed by Burke.

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