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11-14-2012, 07:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
Buehrle is a 13 win pitcher, nothing more, nothing less. His prime ended in 2005 when he was a top of the rotation guy. What he gives the Jays is 200 innings barring injury, so of course, he is the best piece in this trade considering he is consistantly, you know, 200 innings and 13 wins, which is a far cry from his minimum 15 win prime.

JJ, on the other hand, is very injury prone and has one great year under his belt and a bunch of hope that he will one day regain that form of pitcher and even then, its questionable at best. Can he be? Sure, but that remains to be seen.

It remains be seen what will happen. This trade doesnt magicly transform a perennial bottom feeder like the Jays into a team that can challenge the might of the East. Of course, it makes them better, but there are teams that are much more adapted to winning, such as the Rays and Yankees, who either have deep pockets and/or a great system to keep pumping out championship quality teams to compensate any move a team in their division makes. This trade does indeed make the Jays better, but it will also put the GM's on those teams on notice to use whatever assets they have to build a better team. I will put my money on the Yankees and Rays every day of the week and twice on sunday that they pull some magic out of their hats to do something productive this off season. The Jays are a mediocre team, and have been for a long time. One huge trade doesnt suddenly make them the class of the east is all I am saying.

That isnt saying much. Escobar is very mediocre.

Tell that to the Yankees and Red Sox, both of whom will spend to their hearts content this off season without restriction while the Jays might have hit their personal cap with one big move filled with question marks while vanishing a bunch of MLB ready talent.

This trade is a toss up considering JJ has a history of injury, so does Reyes, leaving the only proven commodity in a guy whose arm has 12 years of 200+ innings on it while the Marlins pretty much took whomever they wanted from the Jays farm system and can rebuild their last place team that failed with a bunch of huge contracts suddenly jettisoned, leaving them financially stable to start from scratch while using those riches from the Jays farm system as their corner stone.
If you think so, but the fact remains the Marlins were a last place team with those names on the team and the Jays were a 73 win team last year in a division that had three teams reach 90. The same division that has a team in the Red Sox who have a excellent farm system and limitless funds to spend. The Jays needed to make such a move to keep up with the other teams in that division now that the O's have turned the corner.

Will it work out? Time will tell. In my opinion, I think it was the wrong move giving up all that talent for a bunch of question marks, but thats just me. I firmly believe in getting proven MLB talent at the expense of prospects who may or may not make it, but the talent emassed here is head scratching to say the least.
Post is full of fail. You're bias is showing.

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