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11-14-2012, 07:45 AM
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I too am seriously enjoying this game. I enjoyed MW3 to a certain degree but this game is far above it. I've always been a little better at BO then MW. Surprisingly I started off around a 1 KD ratio but shortly there after I absolutely dominated.

The Mtar is a great gun. Once I adjusted the sensitivity the gun has incredible speed and you can get shots off a lot quicker then most enemies. Once I put the target scope on the gun I was killing it even more. That target scope is awesome for some of the bigger maps. It gives you a clear visual target and it licks on pretty quickly. The only drawback is that it's difficult in close range combat sometimes because you're looking down the scope you can't see anything surrounding you.

The create a class is absolutely awesome. I will probably wind up removing the secondary weapons and secondary grenades and just really breasting out my primary gun.

My recommendation would be to play 4-5 games against the bots. I tried out several different of the early stage and later stage weapons with different attachments. I felt ready for multiplayer after I got a strong feel for the game.

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