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11-14-2012, 07:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Milliardo View Post
I'm not going to bash Crosby here, he's entitled to his opinion, although I disagree with it. What I don't get is how he can say the owners are not trying to get a deal done, only the NHLPA. I have no idea how he comes to this conclusion. All the NHLPA has been doing for one year no is stalling, how he doesn't see that, I have no idea. Fehr shows up like 90 mintues late for the last two meetings and it seems like the NHLPA is the only side that shows urgency?
He doesn't see it because he is just speaking the NHLPA talking points. He may or may not be telling the media his real opinions on the matter. He can't come out and say "our side has been stalling and failing to really negotiate". So he is just spewing out similar things to what Fehr has been saying.

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