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11-14-2012, 07:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Tyskie View Post
Unlocking ghost at 55 is one of the dumber things they did in this game. They already basically killed the perk; there was no need to make it such a late unlock.

Probably going to switch to HC full time though it only has 4 game types apparentely.
I think they did the proper thing with the perk, but having any perk be a level 55 unlock is obnoxious. The result for me is that I end up using the default operative class with Skorpion all the time because people keep sending up UAVs. This isn't so bad though, because the setup is actually pretty good, it is just keeping me from testing out all the new guns.

Overall, I like the game. The only issue I'm finding is that there are a lot of places for people to head glitch and stare down long lines of sight. I found this especially bad in Yemen and Turbine. This isn't a problem when it is only one person doing it, because you can just avoid that area, but I ran into full teams playing like this multiple times last night. I think the real problem there is that I need to learn the maps and find flanking routes, so that should be solveable in time.

Doing much better in this game than in MW3. My first game I went 22-11 in Kill Confirmed. I had a couple good games after that, but then I started running into head glitching squads and my K/D and W/L nosedived. I think I settled at around 1.4K/D, level 19. When I quit MW3 it was 1.06 at level 61. Hopefully the head glitching and camping doesn't ruin this game for me.

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