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11-14-2012, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Daneo21 View Post
In all honesty I would take Joseph back in a heartbeat... just not as a QB! If Joseph came in as a QB coach next year I would not be disappointed, say what you want but the dude has paid his time in the league and is more qualified than Crandall... but hey isn't everyone here more qualified than Crandall?

I'm looking forward to this offseason... should be lots of changes for the better (hopefully?)

To the poster who was concerned about Sherritt's comment, the reason he said he isnt sure where he is playing next year is because he isn't signed yet (Thanks Tillman)... and no one knows whats going to happen until a new GM comes in and starts resigning guys

^ Which leads me to the next point (or rant) that Tillman has in a way screwed us... 14 FA's! 14! And most are on defence... my goodness the new GM has got his work cut out for him

I am also unsure about Reed, I like the guy and the new info revealing he was taking the responsibility of some of Tillman's duties has me wondering if that played a big role in some of the lack of communication on the team, as in he just had way too much going on... But then im also concerned at some of his coaching decisions (i.e. starting Joseph over Nichols last week)

So many ?'s going forward, hopefully we can get this **** fest sorted out soon...
Why is Joseph more qualified then Crandell?

Maybe he is maybe he isn't, but it wouldn't be the first time a player sucked at being a coach.

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