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11-14-2012, 08:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Jbcraig1883 View Post
Great, thanks for the help!
It's not 100% accurate but it's a good guideline to follow. Sometimes I have guys only putting up low 8s or even 7s in the AHL because the team is crap, but then I bring them up to the NHL and it's high 8s or 9s. Even on higher roles.

Slow day at work for me today, been reading through the old threads from this topic. Funny to see myself ask tons of questions being a noob, and seeing some of the others that now regularly post when they're still more beginners. Haven't gotten to the point where Richie seems new yet , wish some of the screenshots from back then still existed though. I'm in 2008, where the first Lidas rosters come out... crazy.

For when I restart my file, I've changed it so Gretzky is all 20s and I'm taking some of Fedor's stats down. He will still be an unbelievably good 15 year old talent but not quite as spectacular. I'm hoping the Gretzky regen will become the next hockey god haha. I took him down far from the all 20s guy. He's got mostly yellow and orange stats, with a few high greens, especially in mental attributes. Plus I made him actually from Russia now like the real Fedor Emelianenko. Tried to balance the database a bit more so there aren't quite so many guys with extremely high potential. There's about 8 guys that are in the 190+ range now.

I'm caught in this state of insanity in that I don't want to get too hooked to my 12/13 database file and I want to continue on in my mainfile but I'm starting to get bored in it but don't want to let myself leave the Habs yet before Fedor retires, even though he's got 3,000+ points already. Maybe I'll wait til the end of a season when Ovechkin retires then let a bunch of the guys go to FA so the team goes into a rebuild mode then leave.

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