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Originally Posted by pb1300 View Post
Im done, absolutely DONE, with the Marlins. Ive been a fan since Hough's first pitch in 93, but enough is enough! We have been cheated, lied to, and stolen from too many times, and Im tired of it. How does MLB allow something like this to go on. Loria obviously cares about the his pockets only, and not about the people that are most important to a sports franchise, its fans! The organization is a joke, and anyone who spends a DIME on this team next year is an idiot. Nothing would make me happier than to see that stadium empty on Opening Day next year.

And to think, the City could have used that money Loria stole to get his stadium, on rennovating the Orange Bowl for the Canes, or SunLife for the Fins. The Marlins should be ashamed of themselves not only for this deal, but also for tarnishing the land that they play on. Unfortunately, since they have a new stadium, they cannot be contracted. Too bad, because the Marlins would be much more exciting if they were.

My new Organization Rankings:

1. Heat

2. Panthers

3. Dolphins
I completely agree with you. This is doing more damage to the organization than they realize...and to baseball as a whole. They used public funding to get a new stadium and you think other cities wont use the Marlins as an example and say, "they sold off all their good players 1 yr after getting a new public funds for you, team X, since you'll do the same thing." Im surprised more owners arent calling the league offices and saying to Selig, you gotta get this Loria guy to sell that franchise and get someone else in Miami.

I'm really surprised that Loria has kept the team anyway. Why not just sell the team if you're just gonna keep having fire sales and cant afford the payroll? Of course now he just devalued his asset and the team isnt worth quiet as much. But a team with Reyes, a happy Stanton, a bunch of young prospects still and a few vets sprinkled in would have been worth more than a team that dealt off all that salary just to save a few bucks down the road. Now I fear that we're stuck with Loria because he wont want to sell until he gets a better deal if he were to sell the franchise.

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