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11-14-2012, 08:42 AM
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Taxpayer Ken Jones let one of his better rants go last night. The town is looking at contracting out its custodian services to save some money going forward. It would mean 12 custodians making between $11 and $17 per hour would be fired right before the holidays for a savings of a couple of hundred thousand per year. Council hopes the custodians would be hired by the contracting company for $8 to $14 per hour.

Word of the Year


Glendale City Council Meeting - Nov 13, 2012

Taxpayer Ken Jones: This item as its been discussed, is going to layoff more city workers. We used to be known as a friendly and kind town. Layoffs have destroyed that image and it is still going on and it is still being planned. We know that one of your managers, Erik Strunk, has been trying to negotiate a way to privatize our libraries and layoff 57 city workers. We have had enough. When we hurt employees we hurt our city. They live here, they pay taxes here, they pay water bills here, they have families that are attending our schools... yet this council seems to be ready to take an ax and chop off all of them people to save 200 thousand dollars?... and you're up there wanting to give 320 million dollars to the Coyotes manager... a California guy... but you can sure cut up our people. Harvard University came out with a new word for the year. The word is... give me a minute.... "Omnishambles"... "Omnishambles"... Its going to be in the dictionary next year... It means "Gross Mismanagement". Look in the mirror. I hope that you will vote this down.... keep our own employees... and if you have to cut... Cut some of them million dollar salaries that are being paid to the Coyotes instead of giving them all of that money. Thank you.

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