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11-14-2012, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Robin929 View Post
Havent bothered to play a cod since MW1. Tried BO it was actully a little fun. I think all the other modern fps games have made me hate cod a little extra by just coping CODs formula and through that making it so bad
Maybe i give this game a try since i liked BO, but i am really enjoying BF3 at the moment.
Cant belive this game got 9.4 at GT. Now way this game is near perfection, as good as it is.
So you haven't played it, but no way it deserves a 9.4. Interesting....
I believe it does, maybe even higher; there are barely any problems in multiplayer thus far, and the problems that are there can be fixed. Haven't even tried campaign which Ive heard good thing about, and the zombies looks like it could've been a separate game.

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