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11-14-2012, 08:52 AM
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yeah but that's not on the table

Originally Posted by PBPantherfan View Post
Is Sidney the godfather?

Question for all the player supporters who do you think would have the better ideas and structure to grow a business. A bunch of billionaire business men or 700 players a lot of which have a high school education? The game and the players have prospered since the last lockout. The salaries have doubled. What exactly about the last lockout did the players lose? Go to 50% tell the league to shove the free agent changes, agree to the 5% get a few other perks and work your ass off to grow the game so you are getting 50% of 4 billion dollars it's really not rocket science. And most of all shut your freakin mouths. Every time a current player does an interview or sends out a twitter they sound like a spoiled kid who's dad bought him a BMW but he wanted a Porsche. Making more fans dislike them which in turn gives the owners more power when they keep reading from fans "lock them out forever, break the union etc.
PB, what you propose might actually work, but that offer has never been on the table. What has been on the table required that the PA accept the NHL position on player contract rights without any modification.

Not likely to happen. I've felt all along that the area of player conract rights was the key to getting a deal done and the PA viewed it as important and the NHL did too. Hence their resitance to change their stance on that aspect of the CBA.

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