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11-14-2012, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by oldgoalie View Post
We do not.

On another note, pics in a bathtub?
Take a little picture in a photobooth
Keep it in a locket and I think of you
Both of our pictures, face to face
Take off your necklace and throw it away

I think I'm in love
But it makes me kinda nervous to say so

Beck, Think I'm in Love

Originally Posted by Penalty Killa View Post
I think I'm going to have a drink tonight.

Just got some less than pleasant news from work. I'm being assigned as the SME for a HUGE project at work. Yay for recognition. But boo for increased work hours. I'm perfectly content working 40 hours a week.
1) Me too.

2) 40 hrs/wk. ***Sigh***
A. Haven't done 40hrs/wk since I hired in a couple decades ago.
B. Really like the system Chain described where Company periodically forces a week or 2 both off site & off the grid. (Although we know he doesn't like his current employement situation, you must admit that's a sweet scenario.)
C. Told the boss I was taking "vacation" next Tuesday & Wednesday so I can get some overdue stuff from work done. Doesn't / Can't get done with all the interruptions & lack of "block" time.
D. Told the boss I still have 10 days of 2012 vacation remaining, in addition to the 2 days I'm taking at Christmas. I've received unofficial permission (strictly, it's against policy, but it's done on exception basis with a handful of people each year) to roll over a week til next year. I have a sense I'll be using that to fix up a new-to-me larger house.

edit: Congrats, Doak. Maybe a honeymoon in a temperature with some modest day-trip biking involved? Guy who works for me did 2 weeks vacation in France in Sept with his wife and his parents. Ahh, vacation...

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