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1) Europeans have some and have been trying to recreate a CL tourny but a lack of funds have stopped it. So if a Champions League would be an amazing show of hockey, how do you bring it back and how do you make it better?

A: Get the KHL involved... But even bigger, get the NHL involved. Getting NHL involvement would get the KHL full interest in and other investors and other sponsors.

2) How do you get the KHL more involved? Get the NHL involved. How do you get the NHL involved and make sure there using real talent?

A: Make sure in return for NHL participation with a good roster, their owners and their league will be given the chance to host the games PLUS get a majority of the shared revenue. Plus include prize money for individuals and the team for ranking top 3 and for award winners. They do not have to use their full NHL roster, but they need to include at LEAST some NHL guys, mostly AHL guys and are allowed to use ECHL players to fill in voids.

3) When will the tournament be played?
16 teams will play... 4 groups of 4 1 game round robin. Best 2 come out alive leaves 8 knock out stage teams. 4 rounds in KO
September- NHL trianing camp, Group Stages start, Pre season begins
October- NHL season starts, Group Stages finish
November- First round of KO stage.
December- WC Coverage and Qtr Finals to be played.
January- WC... Semi Finals to be played.
February- Champions League Final and 3rd place game
April- NHL Playoffs Start
May- NHL Stanley Cup
June- NHL Stanley Cup

The teams not involved will have an NHL season break but can practice. Unless its during All star break then they can participate in the NHL All Star Week.

Something along these lines^^^^

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