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11-14-2012, 10:23 AM
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At first it was anger for me too, but then I started realizing I didn't care. I'm actually hoping it comes back when the season starts, I love loving hockey. I don't want my passion to go away, but it's surprisingly starting to fade. Fans are just being treated like crap. Traditional hockey markets find themselves without a team, lockouts happen every 7 years, ticket prices keep going up, all they ever talk about publicly is how they're not making enough money... throw us a bone from time to time, because instead of being angry we're starting to feel like walking away. You could tell me hockey starts tomorrow right now and I wouldn't even be excited, it's crazy. It would literally feel wrong to watch a hockey game at this point. I don't feel like supporting either side... and I flat out just don't feel like watching hockey. It will probably change come playoffs time, especially if the habs make it... well... hopefully it will.

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