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Originally Posted by pb1300 View Post
What else does your crystal ball reveal? Weiss isnt Garrison. The only thing the two had in common was that they were both in the final year of their deal. If the guy wanted to leave so bad, he would have been traded along with Horton back when Tallon arrived. Having spoken to Weiss, and even his mother, multiple times, he is the last player that I see going against his word. He loves playing in South Florida, loves the team, and I expect him to finish his career as a Panther. Well, I guess Im just being naive
No, they have a lot in common. Both were underpaid compared to performance and coming off top years in an almost always weak free agent market. They're also Canadian boys with rumors that they'd like to go back to their hometown.

This is a typical public relations move by a player headed towards free agency. Assuming the season starts, he'll be willing to risk injury instead of signing an extension mid season which could hurt his chances at a big pay day if he were to get injured. It's funny, because he mentioned about not playing overseas because of this but he'll wait it out as a Panther.

Nobody cares what your thoughts are on a conversation with Weiss and his mother, god knows when. You're one of the hundreds of fans he puts on a good face to. Weiss is a consummate professional who has never once complained and has played here for a very long time on a losing team. You think he's going to tell some random Panther fan his career aspirations? LOL. If you think he's going to wait for the season to be over so there are no "contract distractions", especially with a shortened season, then you are naive. We've seen this story play out all too often on this team and around the league.

The guy will get paid big time. He's the perfect #2 center. He can even slot in as a 1b guy. Burke will overpay significantly for him. Money talks.

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