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Originally Posted by Smash88 View Post
Sweet.. Place will probably be insanely packed for the first few months, I'll probably wait till the new year to go, but I'm definitely excited for this place...
Same here. I'll wait a bit. I've heard mixed reviews about the one in TO, but then again plenty of places have high prices and subpar service, so I'll wait and see for myself.

That said, this might be a killer place to catch the NFL on Sundays. Not much variewty in Ottawa when it comes to that.

I gotta laugh at all the hate in here though. Jeez, it's not like it's the end of the world. I've been to Bert's at SBP and liked it. Cool atmosphere. I'd even go again. Even though I think Melnyk is a complete tool, he's got a nice place. It's great to go there before/after concerts. If he'd open one downtown, I'd probably go more often.

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