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11-14-2012, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
This is a simple math problem.

You are saying that you think it's fair that young players are paid less than veterans for comparable production. OK -- then that means you're saying it's fair that veterans are paid more than young players for comparable production.

ETA: If you want to evaluate veterans and rookies as separate pools, then do that. But that then means that if a veteran is overpaid, some other veteran is underpaid.

There are a lot of players who come through here in recent history and exceeded all expectations. Alex Kovalev, for example, gave us four 260 points over 4 years for the tidy sum of 4.75 million per year. Roman Hamrlik was healthy for a full four years during which he was our no. 2 dman for two years and our no. 1 dman for two years, and we saw the catastrophic collapse of our defense when he left... he was clearly worth many millions of dollars to Molson. Glen Metropolit, Dominic Moore, and Jeff Halpern all outplayed their ~1 million dollar salaries. Travis Moen fought frequently fought for us and provided good secondary scoring for 1.5 million. Tomas Plekanec gave us a 70 point season in 2009-2010 for 2.7 million. This past year, Erik Cole was signed to be a 20-25 goal player, and played as a 35 goal player.
Yes, it's okay for youngsters to get paid less, because in most cases, they deserve less. They aren't signed to longterm deals, and need time to progress. It's rare to see a youngsters come in and dominate since his rookie days. That's Crosbyesque, and Crosby got his pay day early, only 3years into his career.

As for Kovalev, he wasn't overpaid. He signed his deal with a total cap at 39M.
At the best, he was worth his deal. I've been one of the biggest Hamrlik defenders on these boards, but he also didn't come cheap. 5M for a guy that barely produced offensively is a bit much. He was a very key player for us, and held the defensive fort together, but when you're paid that much as a Dman, you're expected to produce. He didn't.

Erik Cole gets paid enough. A 20 goal season from him would have been a disappointment, so would have a 25-25. Plekanec got his pay day and still hasn't broken that career high, last year he barely cracked the 50pts mark.

Metro-Halpern-Moen have perhaps given more than expected, but not by a whole lot. 500K more maybe, that's it.

It's becoming clearer that your standards are simply lower. Thinking Kovalev and Hamrlik were underpaid, and that Cole was signed to 4.5M for 4years at 33 was an underpayment, proves it to me.

Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I'm not playing dumb, there are decent odds that Prust will yield good value.

One of your pet peeves, which I share, is that Plekanec has been used in a very defensive role, reducing his offensive potential. Part of the reason this has been so is because our bottom-6 has been mediocre. With the addition of a player like Prust, who is effective in shutdown duties, who is effective on the penalty kill, any future coach will have a bit more flexibility, and Plekanec might be liberated into a more offensive role.

I think that if Prust, and Moen for that matter, lose negligible time to injury, perform well on the PK and shutdown thus liberating players like Plekanec to focus more on offense, and stand up for our players with good fights on a semi-regular basis, then we will get good value on their contracts.

If this succeeds, then Prust is being underpaid. If it fails, then Prust is being overpaid, and then we will spend less money on other players.
That's his damn role. Are players underpaid now when they actually play for what they were paid to do? Is that the standard now? That's ridiculous.

These guys are paid to play a shutdown role, stick up for their teammates and bring some energy/character, so that the more skilled players can focus on what they're best at and produce. Now you want to argue that if that shutdown player does it well, he'll be overpaid?? No man, that's not being overpaid. That's living up to your contract.

As I said, it appears you have very low standards.
Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Have the NHL's offers not been getting continuously better?
Ah, well, with that logic, maybe wait untill 2018. Perhaps the players will have a super duper deal by then..

Doesn't work that way.
Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I live my life paying attention to the likelihood of outcomes.

I'm not guaranteed to end up with a lottery ticket that doesn't win me 20 million dollars, but I don't buy them, because I probably won't win, even though it's not guaranteed that I won't win.

The point here, is that the Bettman plan doesn't solve any of the problems that led to the current lockout.
Again, this doesn't matter. Renegotiating a CBA does not guarantee a lockout.
Could be very likely, but doesn't guarantee it. It will also depend on the final look of this current CBA, and how the league progresses over the years until the next CBA.

So stop assuming that whatever happens, if this goes in favor of the NHL, then there's automatically a lockout.

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