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Originally Posted by Bongo View Post
I supported both NHL teams. I bought season tickets for the Thrashers even though i had a media pass for the first 4 seasons. I can count on one hand the number of Flames games I missed once I started going. Someone told me in another thread that I was a "good fan". I don't feel like a good fan. I feel like a chump.

I don't believe the league will ever come back to Atlanta. They allowed ASG to pretty much kill their brand here. If by some miracle it does happen, they will get along without me. I'm done investing my time, money, and emotion in a sport that cares so little for the people who love it as much as I do.

It's not enough that we've lost our team through no fault of own for the 2nd time. Now there are some who would deprive me of the right to go to Nashville and support an organization that seems to be doing it right in a non-traditional market. Ya'll can kiss my dyin' ass.

If they are doing it right, why do they need RS dollars ? And as I said, I have no doubt that there are GREAT FANS in every market, the question is their number. If it gets below a certain point, the team is no longer sustainable in that market. That's not a knock on the passion you have for the game, its a simple question of economics.

I hope that Nashville makes a go of it, I really do. I would hope that all of the new markets could but the evidence so far says that its not likely to happen. I think if efforts can be made to stabilize the team then these efforts should be made, but if a teams existence is going to be forever dependent on RS from have markets, as much as it sucks that's a market that the nhl would benefit from leaving.

I still think the question is how long should we give the teams ? I also think that saying " they have had enough time already" is as irresponsible as saying " they need RS for another 30 or forty years". If RS dollars were tied to metrics of improving the stability of the team in their markets, this is money well spent. If it is simply a way for teams to spend low and become the royals of the nhl, then that's not as good.

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