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11-14-2012, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by sina220 View Post
Ha, we've been dealing with this for 20 years in Pittsburgh with the pirates.

Pirates, marlins, Astros, padres, royals, rays, etc. All great examples of how a league propped up on revenue sharing kills its integrity, parity, and competitive spirit. Revenue sharing essentially removes the incentive to try or work hard for many owners. Just like welfare does to people. There's no incentive to try harder, compete, or spend more to make more, if youre guaranteed a profit before the year even starts.
I disagree with most of this. The financial framework of MLB is broken right now, so the incentive to actually put revenue sharing money into the team does not exist. There's no salary floor, so there's no mandate to allocate money into the payroll. But there's also no chance of a small-market team suddenly rising up and becoming a contending team over a number of years, which means that there'd simply be a lot of wasted money year after year trying to maybe get one shot at the playoffs before sinking back into mediocrity.

The Marlins have the most disgraceful history, what with buying two titles and then quickly dismantling them. Ask any Cleveland Indians fan how much the 1997 World Series hurts, not just because Cleveland lost in 7 to Florida, and not because of the way that Game 7 was lost...but because the Marlins quickly junked that entire team.

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