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11-14-2012, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by bozak911 View Post
The part where the PA is saying they want paid for an 82 game schedule...

I thought that had been de-bunked?

Even D.Fehr isn't that unreasonable to demand that and stick to it. I believe his statement is more along the lines of; Let's get the core economics figured out for the 82 game schedule, agree to that, and then we can *talk* about pro-rating it.

Everyone and their dogs know that the players are not getting paid for the games missed. The new math 65% of last year's HRR that some pro-league analysts have been tossing around is a deception. Sure, if the PA wants their full contracts in an abbreviated season, that number would be 65%, if and only if the games started Dec 1st. That isn't what the PA is asking for, though.

To me, it makes sense. Agree to the core economics based on an 82-game season and then let the NHL produce the schedule (re-aligned) and then pro-rate the salaries based on 82 games - # of games lost = this season's salary pro-rated.

When and where was it debunked? I know the associated claim (paid for full 82 game schedule and 5% raise every year) was debunked. But in debunking it, the result was "paid for full 82 game schedule and 5% raise over the course of the agreement."

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