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11-14-2012, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by HockeyGuruPitka View Post
I couldnít have said it better myself. I posted on this forum a week or two ago voicing my displeasure with the state of the organization and exactly what you described happened. Everyone is entitled to their opinion; however HF only accepts the popular belief. It almost seems like a popularity contest among the most active users.

Itís odd because those who were quick to rebut and defend the blue jays then are now claiming that the franchise is *officially* relevant... Essentially admitting that the pessimists (like myself) were right.
No, you were utterly wrong because you discounted out of hand that the Jays had spent the past three years positioning themselves to make precisely this kind of move. You were routed last week because you made baseless claims founded in emotional pessimism rather than objective evaluation.

The Jays are relevant contenders today precisely because of the work that Anthopolous and Beeston have done over the past three years - work that many posters have been relentless about criticizing, as you did, to the exclusion of any other discussion.

It's not - and has never been - about the "popular" belief. Quite the contrary, as the most popular belief happened to be the ill-founded one you were espousing, which is precisely why those who held a more objective view had gotten seriously tired of poking holes in it. That's why the response you received was as vitriolic as it was. You didn't necessarily earn that response on your own, but you can understand why some posters would have over-reacted to yet another "Johnny-come-lately" parroting the same tired and fallacious arguments to support their pessimistic - and, it has been proven, utterly wrong - opinion as fact.

But that was then, this is now. The debate has been resolved, and after everyone's had a day or two to digest this move, we should all be able to put this dispute in the past and move on to the fun of following a team whose relevance is now agreed upon by all.

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