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11-14-2012, 10:26 AM
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It's just another bargaining chip for the players.

Because they are receiving very few new benefits from this CBA compared to the prior CBA, their strategy has just been to dig their heels in the ground and resist the pull to the NHL's position. They are going to use every concession against every other concession.

Remember, there's a big difference about what's being said in private versus said in public. To my knowledge nobody on these boards has shown any proof of being involved in the CBA talks, and until that changes, it's all opinion and speculation. Any of these public quotes may or may not be true or misleading.

Really, until someone breaks the silence and/or there's a finalized deal announced, we won't know anything for sure If getting up in arms or self-righteous about PR stunts is what gets your jollies, knock yourself out...but it's too exhausting for me to get worked up over anymore.

Basically, call me when there's a deal.

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