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11-14-2012, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Bulmer will probably only make the NHL if he can be a strong defensive player. He just doesn't have the skill to be a top six guy on a good team. I think Colton Gillies is just the perfect comparable. They put up nearly identical stats and have nearly identical builds. Heather from the Aeros called him Gillies 2.0 when I asked about his play, and she's seen both of them more than this entire board put together.

For Bulmer, he needs to develop those offensive AND defensive skills and be as quick a learner as humanly possible. It will be an uphill battle for him.
I beg to differ

Bulmer showed more in his two prospect & NHL camps and his 9 game NHL stint than Gillies ever did. He showed a great N/S game with him causing turnovers, getting under opponents' skins, and getting on the scoreboard. Gillies never did that. I watched a lot of Aeros games when Gillies was there and have seen almost every Aero game with Bulmer.

Other than being a big body and and being able to cause turnovers, I do not see the comparison at all. Bulmer can cycle with the puck. Bulmer has a good shot. Bulmer can catch a pass. Bulmer can agitate. These are all thing Gillies never displayed - at any level. I get why people say it, especially on twitter due to the limit on characters you can use, but I bet Heather, if asked for a more in-depth review, would say the same.

Could Bulmer end up worthless like Gillies? Yes. Is their projected role the same at this point of their careers? Yes. However, are they similar personalities and players on the ice? Not from what I have seen.

Again, this is all my opinion. But, it comes from having seen quite a bit of both players. Not as many as Heather for Gillies but I bet I have seen as much of Bulmer since we have drafted him.

Also, I am not saying he is playing awesome so far this year but I think it is a confidence issue and what squidz mentioned about knowing his role. As far as how he has played on the ice, though, is nothing like Gillies.

I'll see if Heather will stop by to offer her thoughts. Not saying she's wrong or that you're wrong, Jarick. I just disagree and believe the amount of games I have seen them play supports my opinion.

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