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11-14-2012, 10:36 AM
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My first two playthroughs were with a strong gunner but I wanted to do energy weapons and more of a smooth talker. So I did high perception/charisma/luck and mid everything else, even though most guides say charisma is worthless.

So I did the perk that lowers strength and combat and raises everything else, because I can just easily make up energy weapons in 1/3 of a level for skill points. By the time I got to Primm, my repair and science were so high that I built ED-E and from that point on it was easy mode. Then got Boone right away and they just killed everyone for me.

Now I'm doing the Cass quest but I'll get Boone back. Cass kinda sucks compared to Boone. Once I'm done with Cass I'll go through and take out the rest of the Van Graffs and steal their armor and sell it for 15k worth of caps.

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