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11-14-2012, 11:41 AM
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Lol at posting an opinion and then being required to back it up with reason. What is this, school? M I RITE?

This is the internet. This is the place where those that can't do it an educational setting have the internet.

Why are you hipsters or elitists or whatever you wish to be called, enforcing that crap on the casual fan?

I have an opinion. I don't care if you agree or not; I care to make my opinion known. This is all that matters -- for my thought to be heard (regardless of if it is a thought that is well reasoned out).


Anyway, this is just my take.

I, personally, don't care who posts what or who says what, so long as it is argued for well. I only really care about the argument, which if bad, I will criticize. Tons of people have posted things that I disagree with, such as Lind being a platoon player (I think no Lind is better), but the argument has a lot of valid points, which makes it a good argument and something worth more consideration. It's perhaps even better than my argument for no Lind.

I think the problem arises when posters post something like, "You said he is a good pitcher. His FIP suggests otherwise. Therefore, you were wrong". Well, no... that's not exactly a good rebuttal, either (I think this is the divide between traditionalists and sabremetricans). Perhaps explaining what FIP actually means can suggest if it is a good response or not to the claim. This also then means, some people should actually begin to understand how their argument isn't a good one in light of advanced stats.

This is what separates this forum from others -- well constructed arguments are valued highly over just opinions. This is what makes the discussion here more intellectually stimulating and perhaps what gives rise to this elitist attitude that many people feel.

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