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11-14-2012, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Ohio Jones View Post
I find it an odd choice of words, when the so-called "herd" held the minority opinion. There were far more posters - and fans - who held the pessimistic view of Rogers and Anthopolous. It would seem to me that *they* would be the herd in this scenario, particularly when it was easy to be pessimistic and follow the crowd in taking ill-informed shots at management (in other words, sheep-like behaviour), but took a little effort and research to understand the objective view.

But enough of this. The important thing is that it's a great day to be a Jays fan, and that since everyone now understands that management actually do know what they're doing, we can *all* be optimistic about an exciting season to come.
Maybe there are specific people that do this but this totally discounts the people that didn't just follow what everyone else was saying and had a different opinion based on facts available to them. This place is like a herd. Disagree with a prevailing opinion and people try to ostracize the dissenter followed by a bunch of people piling on. It's a high school mentality that really irritates me as an adult. People should be able to have a different or unpopular opinion without having to worry about getting swarmed over..

Hey, the swarm is another usage. Then again, it might sound a little cool to people so it would defeat the purpose.

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