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11-14-2012, 10:45 AM
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If we're going to bring up all the negatives about the Marlins players, then its only fair to do the same about the guys the Jays are moving

Escobar - known headcase who's worn out his welcome with both franchises he's played for
Hechavarria - amazing defender but hasn't shown anything close to a plus hit tool; could just be a slightly better hitting Jose Iglesias
Alvarez - can't strike anyone out, will need to develop an out pitch to succeed
Mathis - backup catcher
Nicolino/Marisnick/DeScalfini - all of them are good prospects, but none of them will be hitting a ML roster before 2015 and who knows what can happen by then

The biggest joke of that guy's posts is he's implying that the Marlins gutted the Jays farm systems or something when by absolutely everyone's rankings Florida didn't get the Jays best two prospects (D'Arnaud and Sanchez), and per the Fangraphs rankings that came out last week got #5, #6 and #10.

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