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11-14-2012, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by SDig14 View Post
Pretty much agree with all of this.

I'm still hopeful they can upgrade at 2B, but if not Bonifacio can play every day and brings some additional speed and versatility.

I'm still also hopeful they can either get Carlos V done, who I prefer over Happ, but if not someone else for additional depth.

I could see TDA and Buck as a tandem/mentor type deal until TDA is ready to take over full time in a couple years.

And IMO, Reyes is still as good of a fielder than Esco. No more of that double clutching all the time that annoys the heck outta me. A couple more errors, but better range IMO will help that infield.
I'm not sure how much more money they'll spend. They're payroll after arbritration with some players should be around $120M. Rogers has dramatically increased payroll. I doubt they'll spend much more. I can't really blame them. Especially with Johnson's probable extension.

Bonifacio will be platoon LF and maybe even platoon 2B. Basically he will get everyday AB's. In 2011, he had quite a good year. .296/.360/.393 while swiping 40. His BABIP was elevated, so he was lucky, but overall he should be an average producer. Last year he hit .258/.330/.316 slash while swiping 40. I personally think he could hit something like .265/.345/.330 and be a decent offensive producer. He strikes out a bit, but as long as he can provide a decent OBP and speed on basepaths, I think he'll be fine.

I do think Izturis will be mostly our 2B. I don't think we'd pay him ~3M if he's going to be a bench player. I do think his 2007 season is the best we can expect of him. He hit .289/.349/.405 that year and was decent at fielding. If he can give us that, I don't think he'll get that, but he should be another average offensive producer. Again, as long as he can get on base and be average, he should be fine.

I think Happ was fine for us. Especially as a 5th starter. Though it was a small sample size, he performed at a: 10.3 K/9, 3.8 BB/9, gave up less H/9 and less HR/9. Again it's only 40 IP, but I think he'll be fine. Carlos V may cost too much, and I'd be fine if we cut a few corners to save some money.

I think they'll take is slow with TDA. He is coming off a season ending injury. Let him shake off the rust in AAA and get back on his feet. Let Buck and JPA play C until TDA is ready.

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