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11-14-2012, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by devils4cup View Post

Whats the best secondary weapon. Played for like an 1hr last night and had no success with the default pistol whatever that one is.

I even hit an opponent 3 times in the back/chest but still died when he turned around.

I feel like at this point, whats the point of having a secondary weapon when 50% of the users are using the Skorpion evo and killing everything with that ultra fast fire rate.
I primarily use the SMAW because of all the uavs and such, but the one pistol, I think the name is bt23r, or something like that, it's a 3-round burst but fires so fast it performs like a strong semi-auto assault rifle (2 hit kill at mid range, I got an across the map snipe with it in HC one match lol)

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