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I dunno... How does one even define 'hockey city' anyway?

When it comes to watching and following hockey I think it is fair to say sports/hockey fans in Toronto are pretty NHL, but not just Leafs, focused. There also doesn't appear to be much of a market for the OHL/CHL in the GTA (although it does very well in cities within an hour or so of Toronto), but the Marlies attendance has been climbing over the last 5 years or so and last year they were in the upper half of the league in attedance so perhaps they are carving out a nice niche in the market.

Not sure why Ottawa is holding up Gatinue as an example they love all things hockey. Last year the team averaged 2701 which was less than 250 more than what the 'no one cares about' Mississauga OHL team grew. While we are talking about Ottawa area CHL teams I will say that the 67s draw very good crowds for a CHL team but their attedance has also seen a pretty significant decline over the past decade. I wonder if the apparent erosion in support for the OHL has anything to do with the Senetors now being around for a generation or two, becoming stable, and after some uncertain times their long term future in Ottawa being ensured.

And since others have brought up the topic... As far as support for Toronto's other sports team go I would say things are decent. The Jays attedance has been soft over the past 5 years or so but they are also now going on 2 decades without a post season appearance. The only other teams that have managed that are Pittsburgh and Kansas City. Given how bad the Raptors have been throughout their history there attendance has been pretty impressive. Same thing can be said about TFC. As far as the Argos go... Ya, there is some work to be done there. After doing some digging I should point out though that when they had a short run of being competitive in the middle to late of last decade they put up respectable numbers for the CFL.

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