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11-14-2012, 10:51 AM
Bravid Nonahan
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To be honest, the average Jays fan is quite a bit less informed than the average poster in this thread, and 100% less informed than the most knowledgable posters in this thread.

For example: My friend goes to around 10 games a year, and watches every single game on TV, and records the games that he misses. However, he has no idea what the hell WAR is, hell, he didn't even know who Josh Johnson was. He watches the games because he simply enjoys it. If anything, the "average" Jays fan is closer to this type of person.

Quite a few posters in here are more of your traditional "hardcore" fans. I am a hardcore Leafs fan but more of a casual Jays fan; however, reading these threads has greatly opened up my mind to the fascinating world of sabremetrics and has also helped me to be more informed about other players in the league.

tl;dr - the average blue Jays fan knows VERY LITTLE compared to many posters in this thread.

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