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11-14-2012, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by octopi View Post
In some cities they will, in others they will not.

Even the most passionate of us are getting disgruntled but the apparent lack of 'give a damn' by either side. This game is so important, blah blah blah. This history of this league is important, blah blah blah. Well really? Start playing again,act like it matters. I'm beginning to think the game doesn't.
mark me down as one of those. I've been watching and following major junior and NBA, and while I miss the NHL, these replacement forms of entertainment are sufficing.

the integrity of the league has plummmeted. Most hardcore fans will continue to watch and follow (tho, i think many will spend much less hard cash), but we all see the NHL in a different light. It is not a serious, highend league.

Owners, you are damaging your brand. You are less serious than UFC. you are making it embarrassing to be an NHL fan. If a generation comes to see your league as a joke (possibly too late), the NHL is done.

Players, you are deluded. You are not on equal footing with your bosses. THEY ARE THE OWNERS!!!! this isn't about 'fairness'. they tell you how it is, an you lump it. welcome to the owner/employee relationship.

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