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11-14-2012, 10:55 AM
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I know Sting Vs Taker is a match a lot of people want to see but I do not think signing Sting just so he can lose at WM is a good idea. Unless the buildup is done right and have Taker fight Sting a few times before at RR and EC and have Sting win making it look like Sting might be the one guy to have Takers number. Then his loss at WM might be better then just having a one off match at WM that he loses.

Basically they need to give Sting some insentive to join other that an action figure and a DVD set and the WWE hall of fame if he is only going to be signed to job to taker. out of those 3 things the DVD set would probably be the most lucrative to Sting as he already has action figures and the WWE fame really does not mean much as he has never really been a WWE employee.

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