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11-14-2012, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Woodman19 View Post
The issue was never about who were real fans the issue was that we had a regular group that discussed baseball. People seemed to go out of their way when something bad happend to say "Rogers is cheap". How can you have discussions with people when you have already stated your opinions on the matter? I know it is frustrating to understand but many of us "elitists" don't feel like answering the same criticism 50 times a day. Its not us not respecting you as a fan its simply not respecting the quality of content being spewed out over and over with no base facts.
There was PLENTY of reasons to hold the opinion "Rogers is Cheap" UNTIL approximately 6:15 PM yesterday. I see no reason as to why that attitude was invalid. The Jays had a pretty low payroll and are owned by a mega-corporation with DEEP DEEP pockets. It is highly understandable that people would get pissed off when they see division rivals outspending them and typically making the playoffs, whereas the Jays hadn't been relevant since 1993.

NOW, it is not appropriate to hold the view "Rogers is Cheap". The amount of money they have spent acquiring these players is proof.

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