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11-14-2012, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Cutter View Post
Exactly, I used to be the same way as you but now there's way too many UFC events. There's one PPV a month, one UFC on Fuel or FX and then there's Ultimate Fighter. It becomes like wrestling where that much MMA is too much and becomes redundant. The UFC became main stream in the first place because it was unseen stuff for our generation back then and it was totally NEW. But Dana White and the Fertitta brothers have been milking it down as much as they can while it's still popular which is a perfectly understandable thing to do from a business POV, but from a fan's POV it just makes me lose interest because I don't have that much time to invest for a sport that I watch on the side. Especially with the PPVs that UFC has been offering where there's a good main event and one good fight on the main card then nothing.

The fact that there's so many events now has made the UFC's standards on fighter much lower, with so many events they need a lot more bodies to fill up those preliminary cards and main cards. The UFC used to be the place where the best MMA fighters would fight but now with such a huge demand there are a lot of fighters that shouldn't be in the UFC right now. The introduction of new weightclasses like the bantamweight and flyweight divisions didn't really help in that department either.

They should honestly change The Ultimate Fighter format because the fighters getting in the UFC are getting weaker and weaker by the season. The past seasons except for the Bisping Mayhem Miller one hasn't really produced any fighters in recent years so that goes to show you that if a) it's not warranting any attentions from fans like you said and b) it doesn't produce any good UFC fighters, they should stop doing the show.

The best thing that UFC could right now is expand in unknown territories like they're doing right now in Sweden and China because NA as a whole (unless it's in a city that UFC hasn't gone to like Calgary this year) has lost interest in MMA.
Like I said, I don't know just how the UFC is doing, I'm pretty sure they're still making tons of cash.
But what made it special back then was that it was only seen once a month, and in their early days, not even.
UFC 1- November 93
UFC 2- March 94
UFC 3- Sept 94
UFC 4- Dec 94

That's 3 UFCs within a year. I'm not saying we should go back to that, I think once every 1 month or 1month 1/2, would be ideal in terms of creating hype and building it up. But it was a lot more interesting as it was less accessible, people were eagerly waiting to see the next knock out.

It also seemed like you knew every single fighter in the UFC. You saw all their fights and knew their fight records. Now, I bet Dana White doesn't even know all the guys he hires. Just too many.

There was also Pride FC back then, that, imo, was much better than the UFC.
But since the UFC took control of pretty much all MMA, what I feared would happen, happened, became more and more popular, quality of PPVs dropped as UFC competition ceased to exist, familiarity with fighters slowly disappeared (unless they stay Champs for a long time).

Can't blame Dana for wanting to milk the cow as you said. But it just made the sport all that much less interesting to me.

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