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11-14-2012, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by ryno23 View Post

The only fact I will dispute is that this is the move AA and Rogers were looking for. No where did anyone see the Marlins fire sale going this deep.

If the deal was Hech and Marisnick, Nicolin, Mathis for Josh Johnson and John Buck most on here would be screaming it too much for a pitcher 1 year removed from FA.

The difference is the Marlins included Reyes and Burhele cause they wanted to shed all payroll. If this was any other franchise in baseball this type of trade would not have happened as ownership would have been chastised in their own market and fans would have revolted with no shows to games.

Hell even the Astro's did not pull a fire sale like this all in one move.

So only under a perfect storm did this happen and not because AA had a stacked farm or willing to spend it was because another franchise basically said screw it to their fanbase.

Anyone on here would have never thought it would have happened and if a poster would have posted that deal it would have been laughed at saying the Marlins would not even do that.

Now I am going to give AA credit for taking advantage of a weaker GM in a bad position predicated by an owner who is just a plain idiot and willing to screw his franchise over in the name of getting more revenue sharing and keeping a payroll under 20 million.

Lets all be honest when thinking of adding both pitchers there was never talk of getting both from the same team and getting 2 all-stars neither was there talk of getting an all-star shortstop.
Not sure if I'm understanding your post right, but here's what I make of it:

Discount everything AA did in order to get this trade done, because he basically hit the jackpot and the only way this got done is because Loria lost his mind.

Don't pay any attention to the man behind the mirror, aka the other 29 GM's who would have also loved to be a part of this Marlins firesale but clearly none of them made offers, because as mentioned earlier, AA was the only one with the correct lottery numbers.

If AA had acquired an All-star shortstop, a front of the rotation ace and horse innings eating veteran in separate deals would you have given him more credit?

Thats like saying you don't respect a guy because he made 100 millions dollars in one large business, but respect a different guy because he turned the same profit in 3 smaller businesses.

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